If you are in need of some support or advice, or if you are struggling with some of the big questions of life, then we are always happy to have a chat after mass, or at another convenient time.

We can help and/or give advice with weddings, christenings and funerals. Please speak to one of the clergy after mass.

Wedding Banns: If you are being married elsewhere, and need to have your banns called in Jericho, then please get in touch in good time and we will help you to make the necessary arrangements. Ideally contact us at least four months before the date of your wedding.

Confessions, Home Blessings and Churchings by appointment with the clergy. Please remember to inform the clergy of cases of sickness, or of the need for the Sacrament of Anointing, or Holy Communion at home.

Pastoral Contacts:

Vicar: Fr Jonathan Beswick 557530

Assistant Priests: Fr Andrew Greany 708556;

Licensed Lay Ministers: Jenny Pittaway 717429;

Maggie Ellis 728603; Sue Gillingham 552837

Churchwardens: Henry Gibbon 07425 138425; Hanneke Wilson 558066

Sunday Schools: Jenny Pittaway 717429;

Youth work (13+): Thomas and Sarah Fink-Jensen

Treasurer: Hannah Doney 842732

Director of Music: Dr Tom Edwards

Parish Administrator: