Welcome! St Barnabas’ is the parish church of Jericho, Oxford, (Church of England), and has served this community since it was founded in 1869. St Barnabas was founded in order to help men, women and children follow Jesus Christ: we do our best to continue that work today. Our church has a long and colourful story, right through to the present day, and is engaged in many different ways with local life, not least of all with the plans for the redevelopment of the Jericho Boatyard. The church bell is rung three times a day each day, as a call to prayer and to remind the people of Jericho of the story of God’s love for them.

The best way to find out more is to come and join us one sunday at the Parish Mass, at 10.30am. This usually finishes at 11.45am, and is followed by coffee. There is a rich liturgical and musical tradition in the parish, and great care is taken over offering the best that we have to give in our worship. There is a warm welcome for all. There are flourishing Sunday Schools for children aged 0-13 years, and our children regularly take a leading role in the worship.

For service times and contact details etc. see the weekly bulletin which can be found on this website.

With my best wishes

Fr Jonathan Beswick, Vicar


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